Top 7 Totally Free Online Dating Websites

Internet dating and online dating sites have become one of the most common means of contact for all kinds of people, from serious relationships to casual contacts. In a world where the Internet is pervasive and most people have profiles in social networks, it is no surprise that dating sites have become an increasingly common way for people of all kinds to socialize, make friends, and build personal relationships.

Online dating is now not uncommon, as 12% of Americans use websites to find their ideal partner. If you’re looking for the right site for you, these seven free online dating sites can help you find your soul mate.

Best reliable dating websites 2022


This website is a beautiful example of how science can connect emotions and relationships. Founded by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, Eharmony specifically targets serious attachments. The developers worked hard to find the science behind love and emotions, ultimately concluding that science and love can build serious and healthy bonds. They thoroughly researched and reviewed every aspect of this website to make it an authoritative place for those who want to settle down.


Bumble is a platform to connect, not only for those looking for a partner on Date, but also for those who want to make friends on Bumblee BFF or find a new work mentor on Bumble Bizz Bumble is a great way to find someone in your area who can bring the energy you are looking for. It’s a great way to find and help women take their first steps.


OkCupid is a social network and dating app focused on dating and relationship options, founded in 2004 by Chris Boyne, Sam Yagan, and Max Khohn in search of an effective alternative to online contact.


Badoo is a well-known dating site where users have the opportunity to interact not only in their own region or country, but also with people from different places and countries around the world. 13 years after its launch in 2006, Badoo has over 418 million users in 190 countries around the world. Since then, it has approximately 32 million registered users annually.


Meetic is an online dating service originating from France, founded by Marc Simoncini in November 2001 and opened to the public in October 2005. Initially, the service was active only in France. Over time, however, it gained popularity and spread to other countries in continental Europe.